Schfalt is a country in Bréigh known for its hardy, stubborn people and tolerance (TOLERANCE, not ACCEPTANCE) of other races. Having officially joined the Human territories of Garr, Kôl, and Tis’Than in 937 when King Hyur put forth the first Schfaltish census, arguing that since their population was over 75% human, they had every right to join the territories. Hyur was denied twice, nearly choosing to eradicate non-human races from his country, before being accepted into the territories, gaining massive economic incentives and modernizing Schfalt’s military in time to repel the Elven march threatening their northeastern border in 943.

Schfalt is broken down into six states, Ült, Jyrrig, Dakkis, Heïn, Bolghis, and Führ der Verg, each run by their own governor (except Führ der Verg) who each answer to the king.

Schfalt’s primary exports are iron, lumber, coal, and true emeralds. They also boast the largest human territory military, and often loan out platoons to allies for exorbitant prices. The primary imports are lead, copper, and glass quality sand.

Military-wise, thanks to the abundance of iron, most of Schfalt’s army is outfitted not with swords, but with warhammers, spears, and tower shields, preferring extremes of overwhelming defense and room clearing destruction in their tactics. Cavalry are often outfitted with ostentatious lances, and most horses have some form of armor. Parade armor is adorned with the crimson and dark green colors of the King, and some symbol denoting the mountain Fuhr der Verg in varying levels of pretentiousness. The symbol of the king is the green mountain outlined with a blood red setting sun.


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