“They say an unkillable beast is loose in the south of Bolghis.” – Found out it was a Tarrasque

“I’ve heard a band of gnolls have organized along the King’s Road to the east.” – Fought the gnolls, found out they were cursed by an enchantress, but they may have been lying about that. Drumägg, Chieftan of Clan Urdnot told us he had not heard anything about an enchantress. Update; Gnolls originally created by Snow Elves. Enchantress looking to save them.

“My cousin, the woodsman, says a rot has taken over the deeper parts of the forest on the border with Êves to the west.”

“I’ve heard the new King consorts with lizard men! Its not natural.” – Heard it was dragons, not lizardmen, from Paladin Venn-Oates. Confirmed he is engaged to a half-dragon

“I hear the Orcs are the reason the wilders are pushing into Cröl, sending all these damn birds into our lands. Now what sort of allies do that?” – Heard from the Urdnot clan that the orcs that are pushing up into into Cröl are followers of Gruumsh, characterized by their green skin.

“Have you seen the white elf that was found unconscious outside of town? That’s no drow…” -Turns out it was a Winter Elf hunting his sister

" Mischa “Missy” Wheeler is paying people to taste test her latest whiskey over at the Thieves’ Cant. I don’t know if I’d trust it after the last one nearly left that bruiser Clementine blind for a day…" It was tried and far too powerful. But may be liked by the Winter Elves

“That genius gnomish artificer Dane Draht has come into town! Have you seen her wondrous metal men?” -One built out of a discovered Warforged, or “El”

“Thank the Highfather we were able to get enough skins in before winter, but now we have a surplus! I hear that famous soldier Chrom Eisenklinge is planning a caravan down to Bolghis to bring our extras and any spare supplies to them. Their soldiers must be running ragged.”

“Word has spread fast, and because of his ability to open trade agreements with the Snow Elves, other races have since invited Raf to their holds. Most notable of these is an invitation to dine with the Queen of the Bugbears.”

Holtz pulls Mac aside "Seems you’ve caught someone’s attention, mate. I was two towns over in Gräellung when I saw a young dwarf lass in these strange white robes and a woman wrapped up in this fancy purple cloak asking around for the “death dwarf”. I didn’t say anything to them, but keep on your guard; couldn’t tell if they were friendly or not."

“There’s a young upstart priest that is rebuilding the old church that burnt down. I hear he’s rather fiery during his sermons, and outspoken against the crime in the city. I hope he doesn’t get himself hurt.”

“Winter is almost here, and you know what that means! Old man Locke will be trying to catch the great white loach again. Its fun to watch him try, but it would be a sight to see if he actually caught it!”

“Do you remember that gladiator Grummog? Seems a bard down south picked up his story and the book is selling like wildfire! He’s becoming quite the legend.”

Vahn has awoken to find a letter has been slipped under his door in the dead of night. It bares the mark of The Agency, but there are no other discernible markings.

Hermes squeaks at Jack in the dead of night. He reveals that he had secretly found a hot mouse lady some moons ago and they hit it off, but when they prepared to leave Larggin and Schfalt, she revealed to him that she was pregnant with his litter. With the city controlled by the Firebrands he worries for her safety and the safety of his children.


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