Vahn Slatecloud

Swordlock, Former Spy, Thieves Guild Member


Class – Fighter 1 Warlock 5

Race – Variant Human
Language – Common, Infernal
Level 6
HP = 40
AC = 19
Initiative +2

STR – 16 Ability Mod – +3 Saving Throw +6
DEX – 14 Ability Mod – +2 Saving Throw +2
CON – 16 Ability Mod – +3 Saving Throw +6
INT – 10 Ability Mod – +0 Saving Throw +0
WIS – 14 Ability Mod – +2 Saving Throw +2
CHA – 20 Ability Mod – +5 Saving Throw +5

Saving throws –

Skill proficiency
Proficiencies :
Thieves tool set to disarm traps/pick locks, and deck of cards game set.
Light/Medium/Heavy Armor, Shields all simple and martial weapons.

Items:Chain Mail, Longsword and Shield, Light Crossbow, Explorer’s Pack

Spells slots -
Cantrip – Booming Blade, Eldritch Blast, Prestidigitation
1st level – Hex, Hellish Rebuke, Burning hands, Command, Witch bolt
2nd – Darkness, Misty Step, Blindness/Deafness, Scorching Ray

Feats: Actor

Eldritch Invocations:
Mask of Many Faces
Misty Vision
Thirsting Blade

Pact Boon: Pact of the Blade

Dark one’s Blessing – When you reduce a creatures hit points to zero then you gain temporary hit points equal to your charisma modifier + warlock level.

Fighting Style : Defense Gain +1 to AC when wearing Armor

Second Wind: As a bonus action you can regain one D10 plus your fighter level of hit points one per short or long rest as a bonus action.


Vahn Slatecloud had dreams of becoming star of the stage. However, any chance he had at a minor role he ruined. From overacting to the fumbling and forgetting of lines – simply put he was a shitty actor. So instead of working hard to better himself, Vahn began studying darker arts in order to summon a Archdevil to make a deal of a life time. Eventually, he did succeed in gaining the attention of the Archdevil Dispater. Dispater intrigued by the length Vahn has taken too achieve his goals agreed to a trade: Vahn’s soul and allegiance for the talent and opportunity to become a star. With his new talent Vahn took to the stage and performed better than he ever has before. Unfortunately, the stage was only the local community theater.

After a few performances, Dispater called Vahn into his service. He told him how he bequeathed more than just talent and that Vahn now had the ability to use magic. His new patron requested Vahn join the spy organization simply known as The Agency. Dispater said there he would be in a position of power to help his patron secretly. Over the next couple of years Vahn learned how to trade in secret and blackmail from performing many missions for both The Agency and his patron. It was not until recently his patron provide a reprieve from his role and gave permission to pursue his own goals. With his new skills and knowledge, Vahn decide he would be most at home within the Thieves Guild. He believes his old contacts within the spy network could provide valuable information for heists and cons.

Vahn Slatecloud

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