Gnomes and dragons and demons oh my!

On this episode of as the guild turns, Raf and Velve find themselves on orders to go find Sid at the Thieve’s Cant.

Velve suspects Enyas is a dragon after noticing some gold tint around her face when she says goodbye to Henri.

Raf and Velve meet up with Sid, where he’s ridiculously drunk, but is talked into sobriety. They learn that Dane, another gnome, has a mechanical being. The duo of Raf and Velve go to discuss with Dane, when Sid jumps through the window and starts fight fucking with Dane.

The two PC’s are introduced to Shiva-82, a being that digitizes food while she eats, but can still taste/smell it just fine. The new trio leaves and head’s to the Thieves Can’t to try Missy’s experimental whiskey. Velve, literally can not handle one shot, and goes black out drunk from it. The three to race to find a goat, to bring it back to see who wins the goat race. Raf and Velve race back at the same time with ridiculous speed after finding goats(both rolled nat 20) and Shiva brings back a ghost.

Velve blows up a table, lights the tavern on fire, and then falls to the floor to make out with it. Enyas telepathically asks WTF but only Raf can answer in coherent sentences.

After the massive headache, hangover, and smell Raf and Velve lost Shiva -84. Explaining to Enyas that they found Shiva, she demands we go find her. Turns out Shiva is in a firebrand locale at the old church, and when the group goes to try to get her back, the Firebrands don’t take kindly.

Raf buries one up to his head, and Velve knocks out one of the firebrands who wanted to shank Raf.

After Shiva is brought back to Enyas, Velve casually mentions she went to see the unconscious white elf at the medic’s to see if she can get any clues to where she is from, since a random elf being found outside the city sounded so similar to her own.

The doctor’s assistant had copied some script from the book of the elf, and Velve showed it to Enyas.

Enyas bolts to the hospital, explains that the elf is a winter elf, and needs cold to survive. She casts some cold spells on him to revive him, and he explains he’s been searching for his sister, who’s an enchantress.

He lets Shiva borrow his sword/board in order for the group to head north, and find the winter elves to bring him help and for a party to take down the enchantress.

The party of 10 heads out to the north. Raf and Velve encounter a rock monster after hearing some ruckus a few hundred yards away. Kiting it towards the caravan, they pick if off spell by spell until there’s nothing but some uncut emeralds left, that Velve quickly grabs.

Daphne is there to rush Raf to safety as he’s been seriously hurt, and more rock golems were on their way rushing towards the caravan.

As they ran, a giant gold dragon with a rider on top breathed a flame carpet that took out all the rock monsters, and nearly parts of the caravan. For a few moments, they were all a bit warm, instead of bitterly cold.

They met up with a new orcish clan, warned them about the rock monsters, and headed towards the drow city, hoping to get directions to the winter elf city itself.

During one of the night’s watch, a giant polar bear almost rips off Velve’s arm. Luckily she calls out to the group, and Raf proceeds to burning hands the bear. The on fire bear then collides with our cart, causing it to take some fire damage, but is put down by Velve’s last fire bolt right in between the eyes.

The adventurers come across a giant cave entrance eventually and meet Zerv, of the clan Werks, chaotic drow, who are lighter than Velve and openly worship the Deep Saint. Velve learns a bit about her history with the help of Jack, that her clan worships LLolth, and are more lawful and plain evil in general.

This community of drow is working on creating a font of immortality. The Housecarl of the winter elves is coming the next day, and the group can kill two birds with one stone.

The two factions of elves try to activate the font by giving blood as sacrifice, but it is not enough. The unstable magic opens the gate to the Deep itself, letting out devils and demons who are wreaking havoc inside the city. Realizing they can’t do anything against this much power, the group bolts out the cave.

They all get on the caravan with the housecarl, and with his direction, they make it to the Winter Elf city to discuss with the Queen.

The queen hears the party of the situation and how her son in is in recovery in Larggin, and about her daughter the enchantress. They provides us with a teleport scroll to get us back to our own city, with a group of 5 armed guards who will come through in order to capture the enchantress.

Velve starts learning the winter elf dialect. Mac has a foursome with a bunch of elves but is sad he can’t bang Gardinia, Jack gets stone drunk inside the city walls, Raf and Daphne spend their “vacation” in happy bliss now that there is no one dying.

With that, the group with prepare to get back to their own city, while learning about this new elven city that has so much to offer.


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