A Hostile Takeover

The Foundation

After being released from prison thanks to a generous donation from Enyas the group was given the option of repaying the coin (110 gp) or performing one task. It was quickly decided that the task was the better of the options. Simple enough, remove a merfolk. Find some way into the town museum and give a scroll of teleport to the merfolk, actually.

Under the guise of noble aquatic zookeepers the group talked their way in and were able to slip the questionably intelligent merefolk the scroll hidden in rancid food. A delicacy for merfolk, or so the guards were assured.

Come the morning while enjoying a job well done with Enyas the King entered and was very upset about his missing merfolk. It was then discovered that the King and Enyas are to be wed and she was upset about a missed correspondence. These things happen I suppose.

Soon after talks of refilling our coin purses came to be. The idea was to convince a landless noble to introduce us to a high-stakes card game. Things did not go as plan as the noble that was discovered was a cheat. So after a liberal use of Charm Person we acquired information not only of the Firebrands central location but of a brothel they owned. After much back and forth it was decided to take the brothel, and its workers, in a somewhat legal fashion.

So now there is income and celebration. But tomorrow holds more and enough is never enough.


luke0134 Clay_Unjust

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