Das Verbreitung Epoche (Beginning)

0 Verbreitung Epoche: Humanity declares a sovereign nation in Kôl, marking the first true borders between the Savage territories and the rest of the world.

137 Verbreitung Epoche: Nonhumans of Kôl begin a two year long civil war ending in them founding the nation of Cröl, effectively cutting off a third of Kôl’s total land mass.

345 Verbreitung Epoche: Overcrowding in Kôl forces several out of their comfortable arid landscape into colder areas to the north and north east, skirting the mountainous regions to the north west.

412 Verbreitung Epoche: The aggressive Kôllish colonization is viewed as an act of war by the local Elven tribes, who at the time controlled 82% of the total land mass of the Karpathin continent.

415 Verbreitung Epoche: In response to Elven backlash, colonists enlist the aid of Orcish mercenaries, pushing the Elven Vanguard back.

417 VE: The colonists establish the nation of Garr to give legitimacy to their campaign. They continue to use Orcish mercenaries in their growing army.

To be continued later

Das Verbreitung Epoche (Beginning)

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