Locust, the Deep Elves, and a bungled trap

- We found out that Bug was fated to become one of the triumvirate wizards, Locust. However, between the grimoire Bug found and the one Velve found, he could turn out to be either Locust Font-Sunder or Locust Plaguesinger, good and bad ends respectively.
- Daphne shadowported herself and Bug out of the winter palace. Gardenia joined them, and all three have gone to Ulschwerlinne University to find one of the triumvirate wizards, Belfry the Awakened.
- Before sending everyone off to take on Yrasael, Lady Yr spoke for the first time in 5 millenia. She revealed that the sword and shield Shiva-82 was using was actually forged by another “El” like Shiva (Baldur-14). She told her of the existence of another active El to the north called Baal-El (Baal-56), but implored her to go with her companions to deal with Yrasael. She then gave her a small orb of swirling light, which Shiva installed. Suddenly, light burst forth from her robotic form, and a pair of glowing wings appeared on her back. It also activated some sort of light based power within Shiva.
- After returning to Schfalt, we decided to go straight to the tower. The five elven champions sent with us led us to a strange clearing where Yrtaniel and Yrisa are both waiting. The entrance to the tower ended up being an old homeless man babbling wildly in a frozen glade. Yrisa shoved her hands into the old man’s head and opens the portal. The party finds themselves transported in front of a massive tower that appears to be made of a single block of material. The party begins to climb. After several encounters, the group made it to the top. After some preparation, it is decided to approach Yrasael peacefully first. As soon as Jack stepped into the room, she warded all the entrances shut. After gaining her trust, she allowed the others and her brother in, but not the five champions.
- Yrasael had apparently been working to undo what the Snow Elves had done when they tried creating new fonts, and it showed on her person. She had grown horns and her eyes glowed and were pupil-less. The group decided to side with her and work here and there to bring down the snow elf government and stop them from corrupting more fontless elves.

The Yeti Never Forgetti

As the Snow Elves plan on how to deal with both the failed font and going after the Enchantress, Velve and McClain take some time to explore the city. First, they head to the market in attempt to understand how the local economy works. Their interest was piqued by the strange reaction to coin upon their arrival, so this venture was more for education than preparation. They find that while SOME places take foreign coin, most take labor or favors in exchange for their wares.

In Mac’s feeble attempt to find objects of unique Snow Elven make, he is pointed to a souvenir shop said to hold various holy symbols of ancient civilizations. Without clerics to wield these objects, they were nothing more than trinkets. A particular metallic fox skull catches Mac’s eye, which he purchases for a day’s work in the shopkeeper’s forge.

This oddly edgy tourism was of no interest to Velve, who head to the library to study the local dialect. During his studies, he notices the loud flapping of wings and the strange looking upper level. He asks scholar in the library of both. The scholar explains that the flapping comes from the Harpies around the city, while the upper level of the library held ancient Snow Elf tablets. The tablets themselves weren’t available for public viewing, but some of the writings on them were. Even with knowledge of the local dialect, it was clear that the text was too ancient for Snow Elves to even understand.

As this day ends, Mac finishes his work at the forge. He learns some of the intricacies of Snow Elvish forging and enchanting. He does not fully comprehend it, but he does take some of the lessons to heart. The shopkeep takes particular interest in Mac’s hammer, asking to study it overnight. Mac didn’t plan to “evangelize” anytime soon, so he parted ways with it for the time being.

The next day, Velve and Mac return to check on the Elvish forge master/shopkeep to find he stayed up all night. He found that it seemed to be some kind of magic vacuum, as not even foresight affected it. After some questioning, the shopkeep finds that Mac doesn’t remember how he actually came to own the hammer or his holy symbol ring, just that they have been with him for as long as he can remember. The shopkeep recognizes the divine attunement for death and fetches some other experts from town. They attempt to planeshift the ring on Mac’s hand to see if it held the same vacuum-like properties and confirmed this theory. This baffled the shopkeep who requested more time with the hammer. Mac was given a military weapon as a temporary replacement.

The duo leave the forge master and head for a tea shop they heard about earlier. They enter to find the merchant meditating, yet still aware. She offers them a sample of tea which warms them like a summer breeze. The request a batch of this for themselves, asking her to name the price. The merchant says to return to the entrance of the city. What journey the duo may find there will allow for them to receive some of her tea. Mac asks if she had tea that has an opposite effect of cooling down. He tries a very effective sample and is promised some of this tea for the same journey.

The duo go to the city entrance and find two Snow Elves surrounded by Harpies and arguing. The conversation came down to the fact that there was a Yeti leader that the Elves felt needed to be dealt with, but to be cautious of how their organization functioned. The last comment caught Mac’s attention, as he asked if these Yeti’s had notable intelligence to worry about or if they could be reasoned with. The Elves scoffed and sent the group on their way with a troop of Harpies.

Velve and Mac teleport to a place near a cave surrounded by Yetis (all huddled oddly in groups as if for warmth), but luckily out of their sight. The harpies offer to distract the group while the duo sneaks into the cave, where the leader could presumably be found. This plan is enacted, Mac turns invisible with the help of a scroll given to them by the Elf who gave this task, and Velve still manages to be more stealthy than Mac.

Upon entering the cave, Velve spots four Yetis: three strong Yetis around what appears to be a boulder fashioned into a wartable and one older-looking yeti in the far corner. Mac planned to go for the older one, since he must be important to be with these younger ones planning for war, but he fell flat on his face. The elder Yeti immediately sensed him (even with the invisibility) and tells the younger ones to surround the entrance. The elder Yeti tells Mac that he is not in trouble so long as he makes himself visible and listens. Velve attempts to stay back, but even her masterful stealth stood no chance for the elder Yeti.

The elder was very aware that the duo were most likely agents for the Snow Elves, even offering tea that happened to be the same as the kind they had earlier. Taken aback by the elder’s obvious affinity for magic and intelligence, Mac felt as if the Elves were either dishonest or cocky regarding this quest. Mac asks how the Yetis were so perceptive about their mission, to which the elder replies that they know the Elves very well. Like the Harpies, the Yetis were once Elves whose magic font was corrupted by the snow elves. Harpies were once Winged Elves and the Yetis were Deep (or Rock [this Deep differing from the main Deep]) Elves. The Snow Elves did this not out of hate, but in the pursuit of knowledge. Mac and Velve tell the elder that they could bring this up with the Snow Elves, but the elder just wished for the conflict to be over, offering himself in hopes that his people would be spared. As a brief thanks for their mercy, the elder gives a gift to each of the emissaries. A vial of Snow Elf font water for Mac and an ancient spellbook for Velve.

The Duo calls off the Harpies outside and teleport back with the elder. He is taken in and the Duo is thanked. Troubled by her new knowledge, Velve requests an audience with the Queen. This request is heard and a response would be given in due time. Mac and Velve find the shopkeep having his mind still blown by the hammer, when an alarm sounds. Jack happens by the duo, still staggeringly drunk, and they become a trio. Guards direct them to the danger at the library, where they encounter a bevvy of locusts. They valiantly smite their enemies and advance to the center of the incident. As the group ascends the stairs leading to what seems to be the hostile epicenter, a voice simultaneously growing younger and older cries out for them to stay back. Velve attempts to march onward, but is repelled by a cone of fire. Daphne and Raph cry out from the top of the stairs to say they can handle the situation. Raph tells Daphne to “take him.” The magical force relents. The trio ascends to find Raph, who informs them that Bug went rogue after reading a tome from the Queen’s vault. Velve suspects a connection to the tome and her new spellbook. As the group exits the library, the trio is summoned to the Queen’s court.

Though she was annoyed that one among their ranks took from her vault, the Queen could not deny how useful the foreigners have been. In return she offers them each a magical weapon or item from her collection. Velve takes a Sword of +1, Jack takes a Ring of X-Ray Vision, and Mac receives handwraps enchanted with necrotic damage. The trio is dismissed and find that a party is being thrown to celebrate their actions. Velve gets it on with one of the Royal daughters, also a member of the Septrumbrate(?). Jack gets it on with another one of the Royal daughters. Lastly, Mac spends part of his night sulking about his discovering regarding the Snow Elves treatment of their cousin races until Gardenia comes by to cheer him up and talk for a while.

The Shopkeep/forge master decides to come with the group to further investigate Mac’s hammer. With this, the group prepared for their return home and the search for the Enchantress.

Gnomes and dragons and demons oh my!

On this episode of as the guild turns, Raf and Velve find themselves on orders to go find Sid at the Thieve’s Cant.

Velve suspects Enyas is a dragon after noticing some gold tint around her face when she says goodbye to Henri.

Raf and Velve meet up with Sid, where he’s ridiculously drunk, but is talked into sobriety. They learn that Dane, another gnome, has a mechanical being. The duo of Raf and Velve go to discuss with Dane, when Sid jumps through the window and starts fight fucking with Dane.

The two PC’s are introduced to Shiva-82, a being that digitizes food while she eats, but can still taste/smell it just fine. The new trio leaves and head’s to the Thieves Can’t to try Missy’s experimental whiskey. Velve, literally can not handle one shot, and goes black out drunk from it. The three to race to find a goat, to bring it back to see who wins the goat race. Raf and Velve race back at the same time with ridiculous speed after finding goats(both rolled nat 20) and Shiva brings back a ghost.

Velve blows up a table, lights the tavern on fire, and then falls to the floor to make out with it. Enyas telepathically asks WTF but only Raf can answer in coherent sentences.

After the massive headache, hangover, and smell Raf and Velve lost Shiva -84. Explaining to Enyas that they found Shiva, she demands we go find her. Turns out Shiva is in a firebrand locale at the old church, and when the group goes to try to get her back, the Firebrands don’t take kindly.

Raf buries one up to his head, and Velve knocks out one of the firebrands who wanted to shank Raf.

After Shiva is brought back to Enyas, Velve casually mentions she went to see the unconscious white elf at the medic’s to see if she can get any clues to where she is from, since a random elf being found outside the city sounded so similar to her own.

The doctor’s assistant had copied some script from the book of the elf, and Velve showed it to Enyas.

Enyas bolts to the hospital, explains that the elf is a winter elf, and needs cold to survive. She casts some cold spells on him to revive him, and he explains he’s been searching for his sister, who’s an enchantress.

He lets Shiva borrow his sword/board in order for the group to head north, and find the winter elves to bring him help and for a party to take down the enchantress.

The party of 10 heads out to the north. Raf and Velve encounter a rock monster after hearing some ruckus a few hundred yards away. Kiting it towards the caravan, they pick if off spell by spell until there’s nothing but some uncut emeralds left, that Velve quickly grabs.

Daphne is there to rush Raf to safety as he’s been seriously hurt, and more rock golems were on their way rushing towards the caravan.

As they ran, a giant gold dragon with a rider on top breathed a flame carpet that took out all the rock monsters, and nearly parts of the caravan. For a few moments, they were all a bit warm, instead of bitterly cold.

They met up with a new orcish clan, warned them about the rock monsters, and headed towards the drow city, hoping to get directions to the winter elf city itself.

During one of the night’s watch, a giant polar bear almost rips off Velve’s arm. Luckily she calls out to the group, and Raf proceeds to burning hands the bear. The on fire bear then collides with our cart, causing it to take some fire damage, but is put down by Velve’s last fire bolt right in between the eyes.

The adventurers come across a giant cave entrance eventually and meet Zerv, of the clan Werks, chaotic drow, who are lighter than Velve and openly worship the Deep Saint. Velve learns a bit about her history with the help of Jack, that her clan worships LLolth, and are more lawful and plain evil in general.

This community of drow is working on creating a font of immortality. The Housecarl of the winter elves is coming the next day, and the group can kill two birds with one stone.

The two factions of elves try to activate the font by giving blood as sacrifice, but it is not enough. The unstable magic opens the gate to the Deep itself, letting out devils and demons who are wreaking havoc inside the city. Realizing they can’t do anything against this much power, the group bolts out the cave.

They all get on the caravan with the housecarl, and with his direction, they make it to the Winter Elf city to discuss with the Queen.

The queen hears the party of the situation and how her son in is in recovery in Larggin, and about her daughter the enchantress. They provides us with a teleport scroll to get us back to our own city, with a group of 5 armed guards who will come through in order to capture the enchantress.

Velve starts learning the winter elf dialect. Mac has a foursome with a bunch of elves but is sad he can’t bang Gardinia, Jack gets stone drunk inside the city walls, Raf and Daphne spend their “vacation” in happy bliss now that there is no one dying.

With that, the group with prepare to get back to their own city, while learning about this new elven city that has so much to offer.

Gnolls, hunts, fights, and the card heist

In this episode, our heros adventurers start off by checking the job board in town. Gnoll pelts were going for 75 silver a piece, and there were those rumors that merchants were getting robbed.
With quick thinking, the group decided to borrow Raf Chiroz’s mule and cart, pack it with some hay, and have Mac McClain with Vahn Slatecloud underneath the tarp while Velve Huelar pretended to be a one man caravan leaving town.
The 5 gnolls ambushed the group, almost killing the Dwarf who wanted to die, and our resident warlock. Velve with a giant gash in her gut, barely managed to blow off the head of the leader with magick, before the rest ran off or yielded.

It was revealed that they were once men who were turned into gnolls by an enchantress somewhere in the forest.

We then found an Orcish caravan and sold some weapons and armor we picked up from the gnolls. While trading with the orcs, the adventurers picked up wolf pelt cloaks for themselves. The orcs invited the party to hunt an alpha wolf pelt with them. Ambushing the wolf pack with their impressive stealth, the battle was swift, but there was an unexpected turn.

As the dire wolf fell, a larger, whiter winter wolf appeared that blew cold upon everyone. While the battle was raging on, two wolf mothers with cubs ran off to the side. Eventually the winter wolf was slain, and the group had their cloaks upgraded to have wolf heads at the top of their cloaks.

The party partied with the orc tribe that night, Vahn getting some play from one of the orc women, Velve getting an offer to travel with the tribe from the Orc Chieftain, which was politely declined, and Mac just getting shit faced.

Enyas Philburn throws down the gauntlet in the pit to fight the firebrands. Vahn disposes of a half elf in two strikes, Velve knocks out the same gnoll who gave up a few days ago, who’s now part of the firebrands, and Mac faced Felix “The Pheonix” Iames himself. Although fighting valiantly, he was taken down by the cheat Felix.

Enyas was there to witness this. We all decided to embarrass Felix. With the document showing proof of endorsement from Paladin, the noble, the group concocted a plan to rob a high end poker game. Bird and Sibil were on back up duty, while Velve went into the game pretending to be one of the nobles.

After a few hours of cards, Vahn and Mac burst through the second story window of the mansion the game was at. The two guards were no match for them, and they took all the gold from everyone, and then discovered a sex dungeon upstairs. They tied up all the nobles except Velve to take her hostage as insurance, and ran off. Though chased by some guards they managed to escape, all while wearing firebrand regalia, making it look like it was Felix’s men.

One of the nobles was missing when Velve came back with a guard to free the nobles in the sex dungeon, and after getting paid back by the duke for her “stolen” gold, Velve met with the group only to find that Sibil had taken the missing noble as a hostage, at the Rat’s Den.

Velve changes herself to look like Felix, charms the noble into spilling his guts, and finds out that Felix is trying to become governor, there’s a giant delivery of snowflake in a month that is so big that they will be “rolling in gold” and a few of the dirty people working for Felix. RoseGold and Mayweather are at the top of mind.

Armed with this new information of where the drop point is, and what the drop is, the group can really piss Felix off.

A Hostile Takeover
The Foundation

After being released from prison thanks to a generous donation from Enyas the group was given the option of repaying the coin (110 gp) or performing one task. It was quickly decided that the task was the better of the options. Simple enough, remove a merfolk. Find some way into the town museum and give a scroll of teleport to the merfolk, actually.

Under the guise of noble aquatic zookeepers the group talked their way in and were able to slip the questionably intelligent merefolk the scroll hidden in rancid food. A delicacy for merfolk, or so the guards were assured.

Come the morning while enjoying a job well done with Enyas the King entered and was very upset about his missing merfolk. It was then discovered that the King and Enyas are to be wed and she was upset about a missed correspondence. These things happen I suppose.

Soon after talks of refilling our coin purses came to be. The idea was to convince a landless noble to introduce us to a high-stakes card game. Things did not go as plan as the noble that was discovered was a cheat. So after a liberal use of Charm Person we acquired information not only of the Firebrands central location but of a brothel they owned. After much back and forth it was decided to take the brothel, and its workers, in a somewhat legal fashion.

So now there is income and celebration. But tomorrow holds more and enough is never enough.


Summer is over, and after a raid on the hideout, Raf and his crew are imprisoned, penniless, and full of aimless rage wondering who sold them out. Their boss, Enyas, managed to get them out of jail, but with winter fast approaching, how will our intrepid rogues make it through the starving months?


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