Velve Huelar

Sorcerer, in thieves guild, fence


Class Sorcerer – Sorcerer Origin – Favored Soul – Trickery(Cleric Domain)
Domain spells do not count against how many spells Velve knows.

Race – Drow
Level 6
HP = 34
AC = 16 (18 with shield)
Initiative +4

STR – 12
DEX – 18
CON – 12
INT – 11
WIS – 12
CHA – 15

Saving throws –
Constitution +4
Charisma +5

Skill proficiency
Deception + 5
Perception +4
Persuasion +5
Sleight of Hand +12(5 from gloves of thievery)
Stealth +7
Proficiencies :
Thieves tool set to disarm traps/pick locks, and deck of cards game set.
Level 1 Favored Soul feature-
Light/Medium Armor, Shields all simple weapons
Level 6 Favored Soul Feature
Extra Attack
Drow proficiencies-
Rapier, short sword, hand crossbow
Lucky(Level 4)

Attacks – Rapier – +8 to hit. 1d8 + 5 ( to be used with or without Green Flame Blade or Booming Blade)

Common, Orcish

Whisper(1 magic rapier)
Crowbar, deck of cards
Dark common clothes with hood. spell component pouch, cross bow, explorer’s pack, 2 daggers
Studded Leather Armor – +2 AC no Dex Max no Stealth penalty
Winter Elf shield(
2 AC when using)

Meta Magic – sorcery points = sorcerer level
Subtle Spell – 1 sorcery point = no verbal or somatic components when casting any spell
Quicken Spell – 2 sorcery points – any spell cast that has a casting time of 1 action, becomes a bonus action instead

Drow spells -
1/day Faerie Fire
1/day Darkness

Cantrips – Dancing lights(source – drow ancestry)
Booming Blade
Green Flame Blade
Mage Hand

Level 1 spells (4 slots per day available between any of these spells)
Magic Missile
Charm Person(Trickery Domain) (DC 15 Wisdom)
Disguise Self(Trickery Domain)

Level 2 Spells ( 3 slots per day available)
Suggestion(DC 15 Wis)
Hold Person(DC 15 Wis)
Mirror Image(Trickery Domain)
Pass without Trace(Trickery Domain)

Level 3 spells
Counter spell
Lightning Bolt(DC 15 Dex)
Blink(Trickery Domain)
Dispel Magic(Trickery Domain)


Velve Huelar, a rarity in the world. A dark elf. But not the normal type of Drow.

She only knows the story as such, told by her parents. One day, by circumstance, one of the city’s patrolling party had come upon me, after seeing a fire in the forest. Upon finding the camp, the guards had found an oil lamp responsible for the fire, a dead drow, which was assumed to be my mother, and two dead wolves.

So it would come to pass, that the infant drow was brought back to the town, as all know that infants are not born evil, they are taught it. Upon returning, they brought back the identifying house of the drow, through the symbols of the rapier and the mark on the infant’s back.

How she became the adopted child of those people, she was never told. But, they had no children, and as a result of being an elf, Velve saw her parents grow old as she looked like she had never aged, and eventually after 40 years they passed. They willed their estate to her, but she was not recognized as eligible because of her dark elf heritage. And so, after it was discovered, the city took back the home, and Velve went underground.

Learning to be a fence, as being in the city for so long, she had discovered how beneficial relationships were in the underbelly of the city. She’s been restless, working for the thieves guild, thinking of ways to get her property back, and find out what actually happened all those years ago. When she found out that Felix had taken over the property, and then tried to murder everyone in the guild, she knew it was time to pay him a visit…

Velve Huelar

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