Raf Chiroz

Warlock, member of the merchant guild, and forger


A man who’s cold business-like nature masks the heart he has for those he cares for.
Spells Known:

Cantrips- 3
Eldritch Blast
Create Bonfire (Ignores Resistance to Fire Damage)
Spells- 7
Burning Hands
Witch Bolt
Fireball (Ignores Resistance to Fire Damage)

Book Of Shadows:
Cantrips- 3
Minor Illusion

Book of Ancient Secrets:
Spells (Rituals)- 2
Purify Food and Drink

Magic Initiate (Druid):
Cantrips- 2
Mold Earth
Spells- 1 (Once a day)

Book of Ancient Secrets
Agonizing Blast
Eldritch Sight


Born one of six children his life was full of need. Knowing hunger from the start he quickly saw to change that. It started with simple theft and just kept growing. But then it all changed. Seeing members of the Merchant Guild change money so frequently he knew where he had to be. His first attempt at forgery was to get him into the guild so he could learn their ways, it failed.

But it did catch the attention of a man who would later be his sponsor and mentor. Both the guild and he were good to Raf. But it was never enough as much of what he made he gave to his younger siblings to help them survive. He then came to the idea of mixing his first life with his second. Selling and transporting things both above the board and under the table. With access to the right material he improved his ability to change transport documents and loading bills.

Asking too many questions and speaking too loosely on concepts his mentor began to suspect, if not know. The last words of wisdom from his mentor were, “Find a crew. You can’t do this alone. And be careful. You never now how many hats someone you know wears. Some will look to out play you and some will look to incarcerate you. If you ever make it in this new venture, I’ll know”. And then he took a trade to a distant land.

He’s now found his crew. Each with their own skill and usefulness. But is it enough.

Raf Chiroz

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