Mac McClain

Paladin, Thieves' Guild brute


Levels: Paladin 5, Warlock 1


Max HP-43
Prof. Bonus-+3

Spell Slots (Based on Multiclass Spellcaster Table in PHB):
[Warlock Cantrips] – 2
[Lvl 1] – 4
[Lvl 2] – 3
[Lvl 3] – 3


Mountain Dwarf, Level 2 Paladin, Criminal Background
Tool/Weapon Profs: Mason Tools, Card game set, Thieve’s Tools, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, All Armor, Shields, Dwarven Weapons


Minor Illusion
Blade Ward

Level 1
Illusory Script
Armor of Agathys

Paladin Spells I Use

Level 1
Cure Wounds
Ensnaring Strike
Searing Smite
Shield of Faith

Level 2
Branding Smite
Find Steed
Lesser Restoration
Locate Object
Zone of Truth

Oathbreaker Spells
Hellish Rebuke
Inflict Wounds
Crown of Madness

Channel Divinity
-Control Undead
-Dreadful Aspect
Great Weapon Fighting
Divine Sense
Lay on Hands
Dwarven Resistance
Divine Smite
Extra Attack

Warlock Patron: Unnamed Death Goddess [Naldthis]

Common Clothes w/ Hood
Pouch for belt
McClain Warhammer
Moonstone Ring (Holy Symbol)
Dungeoneer Pack
2 Healing Potions
Fur Clothes w/ Wolf Hood [advantage on Nature Rolls]
Bag of Beans
Pancake Recipe from Mishearing Yetis
Rod [Warlock Focus]

12 GP
756 SP
54 CP

Though he carries a belief that death is the ultimate reward, McClain has a rather cheery disposition in his message. Most fear losing their life, while Mac talks as if it is something to be embraced or sought after. Not in a way that implies suicide is the best way to be with his goddess, but that one must shrug off their fears. If the worst result of doing battle is death, then he would gladly challenge all that approach. In this, he believes that living a bountiful life is also pleasing to his lord. He would explain “Would you rather eat a fowl that suffered and starved or one that ate to it’s heart’s content? In the same way, my Lady of the Mortal Veil wishes that we enjoy our lives and arrive to her proud of how we lived.” He uses the Mortal Veil to describe death because we need only reach out for it to finally see his Lady’s face. Not very elegant, but Dwarves aren’t known to be poetic.

Oddly, Mac’s ideals are received with various levels of acceptance among his peers in the guild due to what they call the Deep Saint. It has been explained to him that she rules over the Deep, a realm of the dead. He thought initially that this could be who appeared to him. He meditated on the thoughts, praying to the presence that lead him to what he preached, and found that the Saint is different. Different, but not distant. It felt as if she may be similar, familiar even, to his lord. He cannot clearly describe it. Maybe the realm she occupies once (or one day will) belonged to his lord or she could be in the same line as his lord as a predecessor or successor, perhaps even a divine relation. He does not know. She is similar, more than a cheap knock-off, but not quite who he bends his knee to.

Furthermore, he hates those that cheat death. He has not witnessed it, but undeath has been described to Mac. To imagine that one might pass and be brought back makes him furious. Even if their will is not their own, they should pay for abandoning his Lady. He has even more hate for those that world practice this magic. These “necromancers” feel they have the right to control these souls, as if they are the ones in control of the afterlife. Such trespasses must not go unpunished.


Torn from his home and family, 35 year old Dwarf Mac McClain was some how transported to a distant plane with no memory of his life. He had but two items to remember who he is. The first, a hammer with the name “McClain” poorly scratched in, which is how he chose his name. The second, a moonstone ring that that seems to fill him with a divine joy.

Without direction and being unsure of this new land, Mac avoided people and lived at the base of a mountain for several weeks. He lived off berries and small game, but this was not enough for the young Dwarf. One day, Mac would see a caravan passing through with a great bounty of food. Fading, but still driven by desire, Mac attacked the caravan and took the food. The caravan had no guards, just a driver. Initially Mac felt guilt for slaying this man for his goods, but then his ring began to glow and a great vision came to him. It was not clear, but he could make out a few words from a dark figure: “…McClain…child…speak the way…for… goddess of death…will save you.” Mac was shocked at what he just witnessed, but the message was clear. Upon his first killing, the goddess of death appeared and told him to speak the way for her. He must bring her gospel to the world, for death is something to embrace, not fear, as it will save us all.

From then on, young McClain would spend time meditating and praying near the base of the mountain. He would approach the rare passerby to tell of his beautiful goddess. Of course they would not understand his message of salvation and attack, but he would reply in kind by granting them eternal peace on their trip to his lord. He saw the goods collected from these bodies as rewards from his divine patron.

This was how he lived until he one day happened upon a human ready for his message. The man seemed to know of Mac and his ideals, agreeing that it quite the understandable calling, especially when rewarded for such actions. Being the first to react so positively to his proclamations, Mac was elated and wished to know more of this man. The man explained that he was in a line of work where death, though messy, can occasionally be a necessity to move forward with one’s goals. Naturally, Mac was drawn to such an understanding person and desired to know where he might meet others so accepting of the gospel he preached. The man told Mac to get in his wagon and he could take him to others who would be glad to listen. As he got in, Mac felt a prick and the world seemed to fade away.

Mac eventually wakes up, vaguely disappointed he wasn’t going to meet his divine master so soon, and finds himself surrounded by people that looked ready to grant this wish. The man he spoke to earlier appeared and explained that Mac had killed one of their associates during his time in the woods. Furthermore, the mountain he seemingly used as a sanctuary held emeralds they had been ready to gather long before he had arrived. Mac’s presence ruined this and several other plans due to their associate he killed, so he must be repaid in kind. As Mac begins praying and thanking his goddess for granting him the ultimate reward, she appears before him. She reaches out to grab him, but is confused by what is going on. As if out of time, she blinks out.

Whether or not what they saw was real is a point still argued today, but it was convincing enough for most. They should not kill a man protected by a, possibly THE, goddess of death. Yet he has seen their faces, so what should they do? Recruit him as muscle. The man who brought McClain to this place explained that it was home to the Thieves’ Guild, run by guild master Philburn. The man himself was just a messenger for the guild, named Cor (short for Correo). Cor explained that they really were annoyed that Mac had killed one of theirs, but the specific person was some no-name recruit, so stepping up to take his place was equal trade. A bruiser isn’t exactly equal to a messenger, but seeming to be protected by divinity helped. Cor finished by saying that if Mac needed any messages delivered, he was the guy [this is my criminal contact via criminal background].

Mac would go on to be very good at his job. People often took his preaching as threats, breaking to the whim of any guild member he came with. Life was good for the next decade, until the guild fell apart. Now Mac and the other remaining members must rebuild their once great organization.

Mac McClain

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