Enyas Philburn

Pyromancer, Mob Boss, generally better than you


Level 2
HP 17
AC 17

STR- 15
DEX- 16
CON- 14
INT- 20
WIS- 16
CHA- 20


After a failed coup the previous year, Enyas was left bleeding out next to her father’s corpse. She couldn’t feel her legs, but she would not be taken this day. With a burst of pyromantic energy, she cauterized her wounds and dragged herself along the fetid floor of the Rat Den, burning alive all would be assassins as she retook her thieves guild. Now after a year, she still needs a wheelchair most days, but no one questions her right to lead.

Fierce and independent, Enyas comes from a long line of some of the richest Wen Führ’s of the underground, so much so that her family was able to send her off to school to nurture her sorcerous spark, rubbing elbows with princes and emperors. Sadly, most of the family fortune was spent rebuilding the guild from the ground up, vetting undesirables and acquiring new connections. The guild is much smaller now than ever before, but is still one of the best outfitted in all of Schfalt, and Enyas would have it no other way.

Enyas Philburn

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