Locust, the Deep Elves, and a bungled trap

- We found out that Bug was fated to become one of the triumvirate wizards, Locust. However, between the grimoire Bug found and the one Velve found, he could turn out to be either Locust Font-Sunder or Locust Plaguesinger, good and bad ends respectively.
- Daphne shadowported herself and Bug out of the winter palace. Gardenia joined them, and all three have gone to Ulschwerlinne University to find one of the triumvirate wizards, Belfry the Awakened.
- Before sending everyone off to take on Yrasael, Lady Yr spoke for the first time in 5 millenia. She revealed that the sword and shield Shiva-82 was using was actually forged by another “El” like Shiva (Baldur-14). She told her of the existence of another active El to the north called Baal-El (Baal-56), but implored her to go with her companions to deal with Yrasael. She then gave her a small orb of swirling light, which Shiva installed. Suddenly, light burst forth from her robotic form, and a pair of glowing wings appeared on her back. It also activated some sort of light based power within Shiva.
- After returning to Schfalt, we decided to go straight to the tower. The five elven champions sent with us led us to a strange clearing where Yrtaniel and Yrisa are both waiting. The entrance to the tower ended up being an old homeless man babbling wildly in a frozen glade. Yrisa shoved her hands into the old man’s head and opens the portal. The party finds themselves transported in front of a massive tower that appears to be made of a single block of material. The party begins to climb. After several encounters, the group made it to the top. After some preparation, it is decided to approach Yrasael peacefully first. As soon as Jack stepped into the room, she warded all the entrances shut. After gaining her trust, she allowed the others and her brother in, but not the five champions.
- Yrasael had apparently been working to undo what the Snow Elves had done when they tried creating new fonts, and it showed on her person. She had grown horns and her eyes glowed and were pupil-less. The group decided to side with her and work here and there to bring down the snow elf government and stop them from corrupting more fontless elves.


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