Gnolls, hunts, fights, and the card heist

In this episode, our heros adventurers start off by checking the job board in town. Gnoll pelts were going for 75 silver a piece, and there were those rumors that merchants were getting robbed.
With quick thinking, the group decided to borrow Raf Chiroz’s mule and cart, pack it with some hay, and have Mac McClain with Vahn Slatecloud underneath the tarp while Velve Huelar pretended to be a one man caravan leaving town.
The 5 gnolls ambushed the group, almost killing the Dwarf who wanted to die, and our resident warlock. Velve with a giant gash in her gut, barely managed to blow off the head of the leader with magick, before the rest ran off or yielded.

It was revealed that they were once men who were turned into gnolls by an enchantress somewhere in the forest.

We then found an Orcish caravan and sold some weapons and armor we picked up from the gnolls. While trading with the orcs, the adventurers picked up wolf pelt cloaks for themselves. The orcs invited the party to hunt an alpha wolf pelt with them. Ambushing the wolf pack with their impressive stealth, the battle was swift, but there was an unexpected turn.

As the dire wolf fell, a larger, whiter winter wolf appeared that blew cold upon everyone. While the battle was raging on, two wolf mothers with cubs ran off to the side. Eventually the winter wolf was slain, and the group had their cloaks upgraded to have wolf heads at the top of their cloaks.

The party partied with the orc tribe that night, Vahn getting some play from one of the orc women, Velve getting an offer to travel with the tribe from the Orc Chieftain, which was politely declined, and Mac just getting shit faced.

Enyas Philburn throws down the gauntlet in the pit to fight the firebrands. Vahn disposes of a half elf in two strikes, Velve knocks out the same gnoll who gave up a few days ago, who’s now part of the firebrands, and Mac faced Felix “The Pheonix” Iames himself. Although fighting valiantly, he was taken down by the cheat Felix.

Enyas was there to witness this. We all decided to embarrass Felix. With the document showing proof of endorsement from Paladin, the noble, the group concocted a plan to rob a high end poker game. Bird and Sibil were on back up duty, while Velve went into the game pretending to be one of the nobles.

After a few hours of cards, Vahn and Mac burst through the second story window of the mansion the game was at. The two guards were no match for them, and they took all the gold from everyone, and then discovered a sex dungeon upstairs. They tied up all the nobles except Velve to take her hostage as insurance, and ran off. Though chased by some guards they managed to escape, all while wearing firebrand regalia, making it look like it was Felix’s men.

One of the nobles was missing when Velve came back with a guard to free the nobles in the sex dungeon, and after getting paid back by the duke for her “stolen” gold, Velve met with the group only to find that Sibil had taken the missing noble as a hostage, at the Rat’s Den.

Velve changes herself to look like Felix, charms the noble into spilling his guts, and finds out that Felix is trying to become governor, there’s a giant delivery of snowflake in a month that is so big that they will be “rolling in gold” and a few of the dirty people working for Felix. RoseGold and Mayweather are at the top of mind.

Armed with this new information of where the drop point is, and what the drop is, the group can really piss Felix off.


luke0134 borukhov_boris

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